Our Edge

1- Biggest production platform 12000 m2

The company owns the biggest space to produce (GRC) and all other works are divided into 4 factories:
Deko Egypt factory 10th. of Ramadan, 800 m2
Deko Group Factory 1 with an area of 4500 m2
Deko Group Factory 2 with an area of 3500 m2
Style factory for products 3200 m2
With an area of 12000 m 2, Deko Egypt is the largest manufacturing area available, enabling it to raise the production capacity and meet the demands of the customer.

This area also enables the company to deal with several projects at the same time and several production plans and suitable program for supply any contracted projects, despite how large quantities is needed.

Using this area and platform the company is ready for production of any large area Sections .
The area of Deko Egypt platforms increases the capacity of storing products, and helps the company to adapt to any supply plans, which can match the customer site's capacity .

Through this area, the stores of Deko Egypt can provide all the necessary raw materials for production and safe storage in advance to be ready for a month or more before the process of production and contracting is not available to any other companies in the field.

2- Highest production rates

Deko Group Egypt has 4 active production lines in 2 factories and a production area of only 8000m2, the largest in Egypt.
Production capacity, which is proportional to the factory area and regular labor, can work on 2 time sections / day to produce 2000 m2 per week.
Deko Egypt, through 4 production lines, can reach 4000 m 2 / week, which is the largest in Egypt, to reach weekly business volume in the case of maximum production to 16 million le / month, which is the highest in the local market.

Deko Egypt has an additional production line that can be used in the case of increased production. It is now specialized in manufacturing small sectors, villas, gardens and houses for the contracting of Style alone.

Through these capabilities, Deko Egypt can achieve the largest volume of contracts in the local market and also use those capabilities to export abroad, whether on the level of supply only fully manufactured and designed GRC or dealing as a specialized contractor outside our borders


3- Biggest number of trained employees

Deko Egypt has the largest number of regular designated employees for the company more then any other factories or companies.
Regular employment provides the company with the necessary time and efficiency due to there previous experience with all projects and challenges.
Regular employment gives the company the ability to deal quickly with the requirements of any project and increase production rates at any time.

Based on the company's policies, Deko Egypt has the largest number of designated and regular workers also in sites working in erection and fixation also finishing , which saves the company the trouble of dealing with subcontractors for installation.


The company's regular employment is the experience of 25 years of work in the field as the company has the oldest in the local market.
The company's regular labor and installation crews helps us to deal with all the installation methods and required sectors. In any way, the finishing was done either in the sites or factories.

4- Working full scale of work

Due to the capabilities of Deko Egypt and the possibilities available in the market , the company can deal with all types of projects, despite than the size of the project even small or large.
Because our previous experience our company can work in the full range and types of contracts even small contracts as home and residential villas projects and personal buildings because of the above-mentioned ability.

The company is able to work in partnership with other companies to carry out integrated work such as Al-Babtain's partnership in the decoration works of the communications towers or in the integrated works of the new and reinforced fiberglass concrete.

Our company can do join venture projects with any other contracting company in Egypt or abroad.


5- Working full range of product

Deko Egypt is not limited to dealing as a contractor and manufacturer of GRC, but it can carry out precast works from GRC and GRG , GRP and cast Stone , which are non-cement products, Where the polyester and chemical materials is used as bonding agent , which provides our customers with various architectural solutions and forms of finishing too many to the client.

The company can participate in the design of work and provide consultancy to any contracting company or consulting firms to reach the best and least expensive materials or sectors used in any project.
The company performs all the installation, manufacturing, testing and design boards.
Deko egypt has a specialized technical office and not relying on others, saving time and money for the customer and making the company able to guarantee the works for any period required.

In addition, Deko Egypt can deal with the big area products. The company have reached an integrated size of 25 m 2, which is the largest size that has been produced as one piece in Egypt during the last 25 years.

6- Full finishing range

The company can produce all kinds of (GRC) in all production methods.
1- The company can manufacture and deal with the traditional and production of the painted GRC sections using all types of paints according to the request of the customer, the company's factories have trained workers and special paint workshops for all products.
2- The company can produce (GRC) previously colored ( self-pigmented ) and using the best raw materials and the latest production methods to reach final colors needed and requested by the customer ensuring weather resistance and colors change.

Deko egypt have the know-how Concerning the final texture and effect for self-pigmented sections and pattern.

The company is able to deal with any aspect required matching the produced units with stone or even the wood if required from the client.

Deko Egypt companies have the necessary Know-how for production of GRC sandblasting (Sand Plastering) or by washing acids to reach the desired texture.


7- Best material and best results

Deko Egypt and its factories, other than its production capacity, the company is registered in the importers factory in egypt, which allows it to import personally all materials that are not manufactured locally from the best trusted sources worldwide.
The available storage area in our platforms helps us to meet the clients demands and makes our company ready for any type and scale of projects .
Deko Egypt policies is using the best raw materials to get best results , all materials used are according to the specifications of the GRCA Glass fiber concrete association international GRCA.

Examples of raw materials used
NEG fiber
Super Plasticizer
Sika flex
Final specs


8- Best price

Deko Egypt Group is the best in prices in the local market, compared to the same quality and the same capabilities, which gives the company usually precedence in contracting large projects, which is based on quality, capacity and speed.
The availability of technical and engineering personnel and all the production cycle in our platform and with our employees gives the company the positive advantage in providing the best prices.
The ability to import any materials and storage policy of 3 months makes Deko Egypt able to continue regular production, leading to successful partnerships with customers in large projects in Egypt or anywhere else.
Because of the company's ability to deal with engineering and join design with the client we can provide alternative solutions which helps our client to save money and time.