About Deko Egypt

Deko Egypt Corporation has been established as a general contractor in Egypt. Through 25 years of work, Deko Egypt did develop its capabilities and business model to reach far more than a general producer and manufacturer of all GFRC products range and precasted GRC solution.

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What is GRC

Glass Reinforced Concrete

GRC is a family of composite materials that combine the high compressive strength properties of cement mortars with magnificently increase impact, flexural and tensile strengths comparted by the fibre reinforcement.

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Company Profile

Deko Egypt had participated in many projects since 1995 using the Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC). With the expansion of the company, more factories have been established and operated, and currently the campany can produce over 200 square meters of GRC units per day.

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Why Deko

Production Cycle

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Our Edge

Deko Egypt has four production lines. This gives the company the capacity to reach the average of 4,000 square meters of GRC products per week, which is the largest on the whole country. This allows the company to participate in the biggest projects in Egypt and even export its products abroad.

Based on the company's policies, Deko Egypt has the largest number of designated and regular workers also in sites working in erection and fixation also finishing , which saves the company the trouble of dealing with subcontractors for installation.

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Our Factories

With total area of 800 m2, 10th of Ramadan factory (1) specialized in the first production stages and specialized in the technical and geometric formation of master pieces also molding process and have the capabilities of producing all types of molds using all material for that purpose , the work st 10th of Ramadan factory extend and in producing (GRP) products

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